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From now on I restart offering the buy JAV service for those people who can’t buy it by themself.

I only accept DMM digital site,  and I will only buy the download version as I can’t deal with the streaming version. What you need to do is:

1. If you can visit http://www.dmm.co.jp/digital/ then search your desired JAV. If not you can also go visiting http://www.arzon.jp/ to check which JAVs you want.

2. Post the links of your desired JAV, right now I only deal with the highest quality version.

3. I will check the availability of the downloads, and confirm to you via e-mail.

4. You will be asked to send the payment with 8% service fee.

5. Please wait and the process time should be in less than 72 hours.

By the way because of many factors, like DMM price, release date, file size, yen/dollar rate and video length, I can’t just set a fixed price for each title.

You can just leave a message with title link, I will reply you ASAP.

HQ quality (3000kbps) (unless there’s no HD exist, otherwise this version won’t be accepted)

HD quality (6000kbps) : minimum 15 dollars.

For more questions, please leave a reply then I will talk to you via e-mail.